maandag 16 juli 2018

Victorious figures -additions

We always like addition to ranges, be it figures or equipment.
We noticed some equipmens additions at Victorious Miniatures as limbers, various cart horses, British water cart, and ammo wagon

donderdag 5 juli 2018

Trent additions

Trent has some new additions to their "Internal range" which incorporates Chouans and Vendean figures  with more characters, musket armed figures and casualties. Of course it is possible that I missed them on an earlier occasion.

Also some Tyrolean figures are in their Austrian range but as Andreas Hofer is represented thios would mean the 1809 campaign instead of the FR period. Probably you could use them for the late FR period, 1799 comes to mind.

Which reminds me that I have some hundred unpainted 15mm Old Glory Tyroleans on the unpainted tin mountain.

And for som who need some British generals for their FR period armies, Trent also has:
general Dundas

general John Moore


the Odl Duke of York
Take a look at the Trent figures; there nice.

zaterdag 9 juni 2018

Plates by Langendijk: Crossing of the Waal 1795

Two plates, a little bit unclear, about the retreat across the Waal of the British/Hanovarian army

And of course, the French also crossing but to the other side

donderdag 31 mei 2018

French revolutionary armies-Emperor Toad's

Although Emperor Toads'Emporium already longer exists, they have had a kickstarter for a new serie of figures about the French Revolution in 28mm.
Promised is, that these will be available in the Summer of 2018.
Various poses of French infantry, be it in the Kasket (as existing "white" infantry or old Royal army) or in bicorne (as "blue" infantry). Also grenadiers will be available.

The figures are sculpted by Michael Percy and look very good.
We hope the range will grow quickly (and Dutch for the 1792-1795 campaigns will become available).
Some pictures are underneath:

PS: due to a bad experience with another kickstarter we haven't  participated but of course we will buy as soon as they will be available for sale.

zaterdag 12 mei 2018

Victorious Miniatures 28mm FR figures

When loooking for British figures for the French Revolution era, a new manufacturer brought out figures for the British army for the 1793-1795, 1799-1800 and of course the colonial batttles of the FR era.
Infantry is available in bicorn and round hat, centre and flank compannies. Also highlanders and artillerie are available as are twe generals. No cavalry as yet.
These are looking very nice. Some pictures underneath.

maandag 15 mei 2017

French infantry standard 1793

In the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam they have a French Standard of 1793. Unknown is the unit as the number position is not filled in., So if this is a genuine flag I don't know. But he's pretty.

The flag is 2.16m * 1.80 meter.

vrijdag 5 mei 2017

Dutch Army of 1794 (2)

For the campaign of 1794 a field army was organised in which only a part of the total armystrenth was available. This was partly because of the losses in earlier campaigns but also because the Dutch army needed numerous garrisons for the cities of the Netherlands.
The line infantry was composed of battalions of 6 companies (out of 12 companies of each regiment) plus converged grenadiers of the various regiments (2 grenadiercompanies of 3 regiments formed a grenadier battalion).
The line field battalions had a strength of 504 men (guard battalions), 510 men (Swiss) or 432 men (other battlions. The grenadier battalions had a strength of 384 men.
Mind you, this was the official strength at the start of the 1794 campaign and quickly these numbers became less through losses, sickness and desertion.
The field battalions were as follows:

LINIE INFANTERIE Infanterie veldbataljons
regiment veld bataljon Gardes veld        bataljon Zwitsers veld        bataljon linie
Hollandse Gardes 6
Oranje Gelderland 6
Oranje Stad en Lande en Drenthe 6
Oranje Nassau 2 6
Van Maneil 6
Van Dopff 6
Von Wilcke (vh d'Envie) 6
Van Welderen 6
Bosc de la Calmette 6
Bedaulx 6
Hessen-Darmstadt 6
De Petit 6
van Plettenberg 6
van Wartensleben (vh van Pabst) 6
Waldeck 1e regiment 6
Zwitserse Gardes 6
Hirzel 6
Stockar de Neuforn 6
De Gumoëns 6
Schmid 6
May 6
compagnieën 12 30 84
bataljons 2 10 14
officieren en manschappen  504 510 432
1.008 5.100 6.048 12.156

GRENADIERS Each 2 companies of the following 3 regiments (a total of 384 men or a grand total of 3.456 grenadiers)
van Raesfeldt Van Maneil Douglas (mariniers) Bentinck
Von Buseck Van Dopff Van Brakell De Thouars (vh van Quadt)
Van Dongen Oranje Gelderland Oranje Vriesland Oranje Stad en Lande en Drenthe
Mollenbruyn van Plettenberg van Baden Nassau-Usingen
Van Plettenberg De Schepper Bedaulx van Nijvenheim
Prinz von Reusz van Wartensleben (vh van Pabst) von Geusau (vh Wiguer, vh Baden) Westerlo (mariniers)
Prins von Hessen-Philipsthal Des Villates Van Welderen Bosc de la Calmette
Van Panhuijs De Bons van Mönster Stuart
Van Solms Oranje Nassau 1 Oranje Nassau 2 W.F. Erfprince van Orange en Nassau

5e bataljon Waldeck 280
Bataljon Walen van Perez 280
Bataljon Jagers van Bylandt 198
Korps van Damas 250
Korps van Béon  494
Korps van Mathieu 277