zaterdag 16 januari 2016

Trent Irish

Trent has added an Irish mounted leader.
In total there are now 5 packs/individuals in the Irish range by Trent

Revolutionary books- series Les Batailles Oubliées

Mont-St Jean 6-7 juillet 1794
A new (the fifth) revolutionary book in the series Les Batailles Oublies by Historic'one Editions just appeared.
A battle which took place at the same region where almost 21 years later the battle of Waterloo was fought.
As the other four, this book is also in French but although my French isn't my strongest language I will manage to wade through.What I have seen up to now of the content I like it.

For some who like the Egyptian campaign of 1799/1800, there are two books of earlier date about this campaign.

dinsdag 24 november 2015


I have added a new page regarding books about the French Revolutionary period.
Will add all the books I know about this period.

Swedish and Russian figures for the Revolutionary period

Great War Miniatures ave released some figures for the Russo-Swedish War  of 1788-1790. Although up to now only a small batch; consisiting of 3 packs of Russian Infantry (command-infantry-grenadiers) in their impressive Potemkin uniform and 2 packs of Swedish troops (command-infantry) in their top hats, it would be great if this range was expanded.
The Russians are alos usable for the Russo -Turkish war of the same period were also Austrian troops could be used.
Some pictures of the range from the Nort Star site:

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

New Army museum of the Netherlands

Some three weeks ago the new Armymuseum in Soesterberg was opened.
it combined the old Army museuam of Delft with the airforce museum whcih already was situated in Soesterberg.
the webadress is:

and they have a facebook acocount:

zondag 14 december 2014

Alde garde and Ca-Ira

As you maybe know, the Aldegarde website was hacked and some information damaged.
We are now rebuilding the site and add some more information (we are busy with information about the 1792-1795 and 1795-1806 -batavian republic period) but this will need some time.
Please take a look at the new site  (you notice that you will be redirected to  weebly ).

We also will put under the section Wargaming the older information of the Ca-Ira blog and will use Ca-ira only to publish new info.
In some weeks you will see the result.

We will gladly give more info about the site and its content.

woensdag 12 november 2014

Siege of Willemstad 1793

The look of a French battery at the siege of Willemstad, netherlands, 1793.

Which is an interesting picture as it shows various methods to bombard a city.
On the right the big bombards/houwitzers with their caracteristic fused bombs. In the middle "normal" siege guns which are probably using heated cannonballs as on the left cannonballs are heated to cause fire in the city.
For me it was new, that this last method was used against cities. I thought they were only used for shore batteries against ships.

A sortie against a French battery by the Dutch garrison.

This depicts the sortie on Friday, 15th march 1793 when in total 58 men (3 officers, two sergeants, 2 corporals, 6 artillery men and 45 men) attacked a French battery killing almost all French and made 3 siege guns unusable.

The troops came from the garrison battalions (1st Saksen-Gotha, batallion Bosc de la Calmette).
As the grenadiers of both battalions used bearskin the grenadiers in the back with (probably) mitres are portrayed wrong.