maandag 16 mei 2016

Small step for mankind, big one for me

Maybe a strange title, but underneath is the first (although small) unit of French Revolutionary figures I have finished; and even a Dutch one.
May I present to you; in 28mm: the Löwenstein-Wertheim jäger unit; from 1794 part of the Dutch army.

Pictures of the Dutch Military museum give the following info:

The "Jassenboekje" gives the following uniform and the grey with green facings I have followed in my painted models. The officers had an orange sash in honour of the ruling house of Orange.  

According to Gouvel,; Les Corps de troupe de l'emigration Francaise, they had a grey coat with green facing but mention a hat with one side (the left) up, a kind of Corsenhut which more emigré units had. I liked the helmet which show their Bavarian heritage as the helmet is the same as the Rumford helmet, the Bavarians wore at this time.

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