zondag 25 december 2011

1794 Battle of Boxtel

A book, published at the beginning of this year about an obscure battle, or maybe better a large skirmish, in the 1794 campaign in the Netherlands.
Nothing spectacular happened at this battle but it only happened to be the first battle in which the future Duke of Wellington performed. But it was only a small role.

I like the book because it is about an obscure battle in this period and there are not many books in English about this period.
It is also written with enthousiasme for the events and the FR period, it gives a good description of the battle with various OOB's of the campaign and gives clues how to wargame the battle ( for Black Powder and Volly and Bayonet).
Also mr Wills has given all the references and an extensive bibliography of works and websites he  consulted so if you disagree with all that is written, you can look it up where it came from.

A lot of photos of 15mm French and British troops (Minifigs) are also incorporated. I just wondered how good it would be if 25mm figures would have been in the photos but alas there aren't that many 25mm British FR figures around.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I must admit I buy too many books and don't do enough actual wargaming. Nevertheless, I think this one would be of interest to me, especially as Minifigs are my manufacturer of choice.