dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Cossack 1799 information by Eureka

Eureka miniatures has some information published on their website regarding the 1799 Cossacks. This of course because they just had the first outings of their Russian 1799 range in the form of the cossacks. See: http://www.eurekamin.com.au/ideas/EurekaGuides_1799Cossacks.pdf 

Although the figures are for the 1799 Italian/Swiss Campaign of Kutusov, these can of course be used for the Anglo-Russian landings in the Netherland against the Batavian Republic which also took place in 1799.
Only a small group of cossacks took part in the landings. According to Geert van Uythovens' great book "Voorwaarts Bataven"(or "forward Batavian" for those no-Dutch speaking readers) the cossack contingent consisted on september 18th 1799 of:
- one squadron of Lifeguard cossacks (45 men)
- one squadron of Ural cossack (62men)
- one squadron of Don Cossacks  (25men)  

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  1. We'll include some cossacks in our invasion project. http://brigadedaendels.blogspot.com/