zondag 30 mei 2010

25mm (3)

Okay, the following two companies have only a small (very small) range of Revolutionary 25mm figures but both offer British troops for the 1792-1795 period which also could be used for the 1799 "landing in Holland".
Starting with Reiver castings ( http://reivercasting.wordpress.com/ ), known for their big late 17th century range,  who recently began with a British 1792 range whcih consists up to now of 5 packs infantry.
Haven't seen them in the flesh their site has pictures of all the packs.

The Reiver figures I know are mostly big figures but they look good.

Eagle figures
The other manufacturer who offers 1792 British is Eagle Figureshttp://eaglefigures.co.uk/ ) although they only have 4 British figures, 2 of them (B112 + B115) can be seen in the picture:

Have seen them on a wargames show, they look good but are big figures. As an older range they have only one pose.
Eagle offer also some French revolutionary troops. Both British and French revolutionaries are hiding in the "normal" Napoleonic ranges. A photo of the French troops:

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