donderdag 5 juli 2018

Trent additions

Trent has some new additions to their "Internal range" which incorporates Chouans and Vendean figures  with more characters, musket armed figures and casualties. Of course it is possible that I missed them on an earlier occasion.

Also some Tyrolean figures are in their Austrian range but as Andreas Hofer is represented this would mean the 1809 campaign instead of the FR period. Probably you could use them for the late FR period, 1799 comes to mind.

Which reminds me that I have some hundred unpainted 15mm Old Glory Tyroleans on the unpainted tin mountain.

And for some who need British generals for their FR period armies, Trent also has:
general Dundas

general John Moore


the Old Duke of York
Take a look at the Trent figures; there nice.

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