maandag 24 april 2017

Reiver castings new french revolutionary figures

Very quietly Reiver Castings brought out some new packs for the French Revolution.
There are four additions to the British 1792-1800 range and 2 packs of Vendean troops.
Pictures are on the Reiver Casting website and underneath starting with 2 packs of British artillery (foot and horse)

followed by the cavalry which has the troopers plus a pack of horse command

and at last two packs of Vendean troops; the first with muskets, the second with pitchforcks

All these figures looks nice and are welcome editions to the  Revolutionary range. Haven't seen them in the flesh yet but at leat the British will appear on the table someday.
Hopefully more additions will follow.
Suggestions (hint, hint) are of course artillery in round hats, licht cavalry, more active poses for the ligth infantry etc etc

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