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Dutch infantry flags (1) Flag Dutch Guard (Hollandse Garde) 1792-1795

The Hollandse Garde received in 1788 their new flags.
In the Rijksmuseum there is only the white (ecru) flag but probably there was an orange one also.
See the underneath pictures.

The flag on the left is appr 1 meter x 1 meter and the same for both sides. The orange flag (on the right picture) is  not very clear but probably show an arm with sword coming out of a cloud within a green laural.
The picture on the right is by Hoynck van Papendrecht, underneath is the original painting by Tethart Haag dated 1788.
The grenadiers of the Hollandse Garde are shown in the bearskin with frontplate although a bearskin without plate was officially ordered.

Tethart Philipp Christian Haag

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