dinsdag 25 april 2017

Dutch infantry flags (2)

In 1752 the Dutch army was reorganised so that all infantry regiments, be it National, German, Scottish or Swiss, would have two battalions.
Afaik an exception was the Walloon regiment which remained until 1793/1794 at a strength of 3 battalions.
Every battalion had 7 companies: 1 grenadier and 6 fusilier. An exception to this rule were the Swiss regiments who had no seperate grenadier companies but had their grenadiers incorporated in the fusilier companies.
Existing regiments were combined into this new structure or disbanded.

Although I have found no definitive proof, I think that this reorganisation led to new flags for the regiments although it is possible that the regiment which existed and into another regiment was added, kept its old flag.
The new regiment now had two flags:
- the flag of the province who paid for the regiment (see underneath) and
- the flag of the colonel

Afaik up to this moment the flag of the province was "ecru" coloured or an off-white colour with the coat of arms of the province mostly on a field of throphies like flags, cannons etc with the banner of the provincial motto and various small extras as grenades in the corners of the flag or arms with swords coming out of the cloud.
Of most provinces, flags of the revolutionary period are known and I will shown them here in the near future.

The flags of the colonel/owner, probably coloured, are very rare as most times these flags were taken by the coloneld as the regiment was disbanded or the regiment received a new owner. Almost no regimental colonels flags are known.

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