maandag 16 mei 2016

Small step for mankind, big one for me

Maybe a strange title, but underneath is the first (although small) unit of French Revolutionary figures I have finished; and even a Dutch one.
May I present to you; in 28mm: the Löwenstein-Wertheim jäger unit; from 1794 part of the Dutch army.

Pictures of the Dutch Military museum give the following info:

The "Jassenboekje" gives the following uniform and the grey with green facings I have followed in my painted models. The officers had an orange sash in honour of the ruling house of Orange.  

According to Gouvel,; Les Corps de troupe de l'emigration Francaise, they had a grey coat with green facing but mention a hat with one side (the left) up, a kind of Corsenhut which more emigré units had. I liked the helmet which show their Bavarian heritage as the helmet is the same as the Rumford helmet, the Bavarians wore at this time.


Just a small remark: on the seperate "Figures" page, I have started with information about figures and manufacturers of FR Figures.

If you have any additions, remarks etc, please let me know.


zaterdag 16 januari 2016

Trent Irish

Trent has added an Irish mounted leader.
In total there are now 5 packs/individuals in the Irish range by Trent

Revolutionary books- series Les Batailles Oubliées

Mont-St Jean 6-7 juillet 1794
A new (the fifth) revolutionary book in the series Les Batailles Oublies by Historic'one Editions just appeared.
A battle which took place at the same region where almost 21 years later the battle of Waterloo was fought.
As the other four, this book is also in French but although my French isn't my strongest language I will manage to wade through.What I have seen up to now of the content I like it.

For some who like the Egyptian campaign of 1799/1800, there are two books of earlier date about this campaign.