dinsdag 24 november 2015


I have added a new page regarding books about the French Revolutionary period.
Will add all the books I know about this period.

Swedish and Russian figures for the Revolutionary period

Great War Miniatures ave released some figures for the Russo-Swedish War  of 1788-1790. Although up to now only a small batch; consisiting of 3 packs of Russian Infantry (command-infantry-grenadiers) in their impressive Potemkin uniform and 2 packs of Swedish troops (command-infantry) in their top hats, it would be great if this range was expanded.
The Russians are alos usable for the Russo -Turkish war of the same period were also Austrian troops could be used.
Some pictures of the range from the Nort Star site:

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

New Army museum of the Netherlands

Some three weeks ago the new Armymuseum in Soesterberg was opened.
it combined the old Army museuam of Delft with the airforce museum whcih already was situated in Soesterberg.
the webadress is:  https://www.nmm.nl/

and they have a facebook acocount: https://www.facebook.com/NationaalMilitairMuseum