zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Het Staatse Leger part IX; at last

As some of you maybe know, it was intended that the historie of the Dutch army (or better The army of the Republic of the United Provinces) from its beginning up to 1795 was put in writing in a collection of books called "Het Staatse Leger".
Started in 1910, up to 1950 8 parts were ready (of which nr VIII consisted of 3 books) but the last period, 1713 up to 1795,  was never finished.
But this last part, of course titled "Het Staatse Leger nr IX" was indeed and at last,  finished  in 2012.
No catchy frontcover, is it?

Following the historie of the Dutch army from 1713 up to 1795, it covers the War of the Austrian Succession, auxiliary corps to help the British in the mid 18th century, the end of the Scottish regiments  in the Dutch army and of course the French Revolutionary War up to 1795.

It's a pity, that for this last part the book leans heavely on the 2 part book of F.H.A Sabron, "De oorlog van 1794-95 op het grondgebied van de Republiek der Vereenigde Nederlanden".
But, al in all, a great book which covers the last part of the army of the Republic  so ending a period.

By the way, the 2 books of Sabron are downloadable from the web.

At last

Maybe You think, I have forgotten my blog Ca Ira.
Honestly, I haven't.
But work commitment and other things which happens in life just came around and prevented me to give enough attention to this blog but also the other " " and of course our website: .
So a fresh start, hopefully, with new info about the revolutionary period.