zondag 17 april 2011

25mm (13) Eureka, Brigade games

One way or the other, I haven't had time to renew my blog with the fantastic addition of the 1799 Russian range to the Eureka revolutionary range. As already mentioned before, the Russians are great range and can be used, together with the cossacks, to fight against the French in Italy/Switzerland and in the Netherlands in 1799. Now we only have to wait for the Russian artillery and one or more generals.

Brigade games ( http://www.brigadegames.com/ ) has added the chasseurs, dromedary troops (mounted and dismounted), dragoons and cavalry guides to their site. For any one playing Bonapartes Egyptian campaign, look at these figures. Of course some of these figures can always be drafted in your Eureopean armies (although I would leave out the dromedary corps).
As I understand it, you can tell Brigade games if you want Eureopean or Egyptian clad figures; a good service. Underneath the dismounted dromedary command.

On the Alde Garde website www.aldegarde.nl I still have to add the information about flags for the 1792/1795 period but it is pain to get pictures of these.
Added the information about the change from the United Provinces into Batavian republic and started with the bibliograpy.
In the next month I hope to finish the 1792-1795 period although when more and new information become available, it will be added. 

Salute, Trent, Perry

Being yesterday at Salute I noticed some new packs for this period from Trent. Although I wrote down the specifics I discovered that I lost the notes so out of my head additions were a pack of polish troops for the Cisalpine republic (sadly no command yet afaik) and some 4 or 5 packs for the Caribean theatre (blacks and British).
Look at the website of northstar miniatures te see when the Trent figures are available  http://www.northstarfigures.com/

While on subject I bought a pack of the plastic Perry hussars to use as hussars for this period, one way or the other they never appeared in this blog. So to set this straight: