zondag 18 december 2011

Sorry and new book

It has been a half year when I posted for the last time, sorry for that, but work and other commitments were very time consuming.
So before the end of 2011, I wanted to let you know that a new book about the Dutch army before and in the early part of the French revolutionary period has been published.
It is not only published in Dutch but also in English and German although the price, afaik, is much higher then. I already saw it advertised in the catalogues of Caliver and Berliner Zinnfiguren so it can be bought abroad.
I can only speak about the Dutch edition but think that the other language books will be the same.

The book is a production of the Netherlands institute of Military History (NIMH) and the Dutch Army Museum and put together by J.van Hoof of the NIMH.
Imho the book is beautifull produced, hardbacked, almost 320 pages, large format and very good prints; it would grace any coffee table.

That's its appearance but what is inside:
Well, in fact for the most part, it's a reproduction of the famous "Jassenboekje" (coats-booklet) in which were detailed drawings of almost all the uniforms (infantry, cavalry, artillery and other services plus some rented troops) worn by the United Provinces' army in the 1750 to 1795 period plus the uniforms of the Batavian Republic up to 1800.
These drawings of which there are 92 for the period up to 1795 and 24 of the later period look like:
Some pages, where the regiment kept the same uniform or was disbanded or raised, there can be only one uniform per page. On some pages there are only drawings without colour and one regiment is totally missing, probably because the "Jassenboekje" was not ready.
Added to these "Jassenboekje" drawings are 52 water-dolour paintings by Duncan Macalester Loup dated around 1772 who look like:

These are also about infantry, cavalry and other services.
Besides the drawings and paintings,  the book starts with some information about the Dutch army (but eg no OOB's) , the history of the drawings and it's makers (in total some 20 pages) and ends with a list of collections and books which were consulted.

My conclusion about the book: it is wonderfull produced and the information is very much sought after by those who are interested in the Ducth army of this period. Recommended  and a big applause to the NIMH and Mr van Hoof for this production.

For the organisation of the Dutch army in this period go to www.aldegarde.nl -> historical information where I am busy to complete the information.

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  1. Thank you for this critical review of the dutch book of uniforms. I share your thoughts - we have in german often the same problem with published versions: always incomplete or false and overpriced.
    I will follow your post regularly!
    Bye, Peter