dinsdag 7 december 2010

Figures 25mm (8)

Let's look at some new figures or (in the case of Foundry) looking at an old range which appears again ( well, I saw them some days ago, didn't know they were at the market again).

French, Austrian and Prussian figures for the FR are listed again although the ranges concist mostly of infantry. Only the French have cavalry (chasseurs) although hussars in mirliton are available and almost universally usable. Maybe the recent Prussian cavalry additions for the 1800-1807 period could be used for earlier FR.Artillery for all three mentioned countries are available although limbers etc are not.
Foundry has also a Vendean range of figures and civilian characters. Although not complete I like the range but the figures, as they are older, are somwhat smaller then the newer ranges by Elite, Eureka and Trent.

Elite has added some Hungarian infantry to their range of FR figures in firing line poses and some artillery crews. Although I have still don't seen them in the "flesh" they have their charme (and for the Christmas period they have some offers).  

Some photos appear on the web of their expected generals and as usual, they look great. The picures show Russian, Austrian and French generals. Also Eureka announced that the FR Cossacks will appear soon.

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