maandag 27 december 2010

Snow and ice

the french attack Bommel over the ice
 In this period of snow and ice, some winter picture of this period.
1794; the French attack accross the frozen rivers

Charles Rochussen : French cross a frozen river in the Netherlands

French plate about conquering the ice bound Dutch fleet

zondag 26 december 2010

Information dutch infantry in the revolutionary period

On our website, we are trying to publish information about the Dutch army in the French revolutionary and Napoleonic period.
Of course we started with the 1792-1795 period. Infantry and auxiliary troops are ready and cavalry is started.
Go to -> historical info en please let us know what you think of it. Of course it is project which will take some time to finish.

zaterdag 18 december 2010

25mm (10) Eureka cossacks

Eureka ( ) has added the 1799 cossacks to their website/catalogue. The painted figures look great. It's the start of their 1799 Russian range.

zondag 12 december 2010

25mm (9) Alain Touller and Trent

Although I have mentioned the figures of Alain Touller under the headings of 15mm, I haven't noted the 25mm Vendee figure range of this French manufacturer ( ).

Some 20 different figures with the well known personalities of the Vendean war are presented.
Some pictures of their website I am presenting here.

The Trent range has some additions, now in the form of Russians for the 1799 campaigns in Italy and Netherlands. 6packs are out (three musketeer, 2 grenadier and a mounted officer).

Go to
  which is the website of "North Star figures" who sell them.

zaterdag 11 december 2010


A film fragment about Marengo

Napoleon at Toulon

In 1793 Napoleon made name for himself for the first time.

vrijdag 10 december 2010

Books (4) About German armies

Some books about the participating German countries in the French Revolution. Most of these fought in the 1792-1795 period as part of the Coalition armies.  Colourful uniforms reminding of the Seven Years War. Starting with the Hanoverian army. Both books together gives a good overview  of the army.

The Hessen were also part of the Armies of the Coalition.

The Mecklenburger were a kind of subsidy troops for the Dutch Republic. I have two books, one Dutch and one German about this small corps.
 Of the Baden troops I have sadly only one of two books. Still searching for the second in which the infantry is described.

dinsdag 7 december 2010

Figures 25mm (8)

Let's look at some new figures or (in the case of Foundry) looking at an old range which appears again ( well, I saw them some days ago, didn't know they were at the market again).

French, Austrian and Prussian figures for the FR are listed again although the ranges concist mostly of infantry. Only the French have cavalry (chasseurs) although hussars in mirliton are available and almost universally usable. Maybe the recent Prussian cavalry additions for the 1800-1807 period could be used for earlier FR.Artillery for all three mentioned countries are available although limbers etc are not.
Foundry has also a Vendean range of figures and civilian characters. Although not complete I like the range but the figures, as they are older, are somwhat smaller then the newer ranges by Elite, Eureka and Trent.

Elite has added some Hungarian infantry to their range of FR figures in firing line poses and some artillery crews. Although I have still don't seen them in the "flesh" they have their charme (and for the Christmas period they have some offers).  

Some photos appear on the web of their expected generals and as usual, they look great. The picures show Russian, Austrian and French generals. Also Eureka announced that the FR Cossacks will appear soon.

Books (3) Tactics/organisation

Starting with Paddy Griffith book about the Art of War of Revolutionary France. Folowed by the Ospreys about French infantry
The French royal emigré were formed into various corps in British or Dutch pay. Two ospreys have this theme. I like the two volumes.