vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

25mm (7)

Some smaller ranges to close the survey of 25mm French Revolution figures are:

Magister Militum
Another manufacturer who makes 25mm French Revolution figures is Magister Militum. See http://www.navigatorminiatures.com/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=5&strPageHistory=cat .
 Although maybe better known for their 15mm figures, they also have a small 25mm figure range consisting of some 20 French figures and one (1) Austrian figure for this period.

The old Hinchcliffe range ( http://www.hinchliffe.co.uk/home.htm  ) also has some French  Revolution figures in the seperate NFR range. I must say that I haven't seen them in the flesh but there are some pictures presented on the site.
Hinhcliffe is the only range who has the Hanoverian 14th light infantry (but no officer etc) and Bavarian 1790 line infantry (both see under). But, the range is not complete.

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