zaterdag 29 mei 2010

25mm Figures (1)

As the photos of 15mm are too bad to show, I start with 25mm French revolutionaries.

Eureka of Australia ( )
This firm of course has on this moment the newest range of figures (French and Austrian and promised Russians). Together with the Italian firm  Mirliton, it is also now the biggest range.

I think they are great although some remarks of too big French bicorns and epaulettes and too high gaiters of the Austrians have been made. In my opninion these are only minor issues of a great range and of course I hope that it will expand with the 1799-1801 Suvarov Russians.
And I would love to see Revolutionary British for the 1793-1795 and 1799-1801 (Landing in Holland) period (HINT, HINT).

Of course the range is not complete although the French have infantry, artillery and the first of the cavalry; the Austrians have no cavalry, yet although some pictures of expected Austrian Cheveaux Leger in Kasket are on the web ( ). And they are beautiful.

Some French additions of skirmishing troops are on their way as the photos (under) show. Again terrific figures but sadly not available yet. Only Eureka knows when the release date will be.

What I really like about the Eureka website is, that almost all figures (and all French revolutionay ones) are portrayed on the site. I think that is great customer service.

And before I forget, Eureka also has some Tyroleans who could be used for 1796 fights in the Alps (and of course for the 1809 (Andreas Hofer) campaign.

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