zaterdag 29 mei 2010

25mm Figures (2)

Mirliton of Italy ( )
Mirliton has a big range of 25mm figures for the French revolution consisting of French, Austrian and some Italian (Cisalpine and Sardinian) troops. Infantry, cavalry and artillery is there although missing are limbers etc.
If you want to find them, they form part of their Napoleonic ranges so you have to look between later period figures. Good figures but as this is an older range, they have only one pose and are reasonable stiff (imho) but for eg the Austrian I like it.
Look for yourself for some photos of the ranges available. The uploaded photos don't show the quality of the figures yet but their site has no bigger ones,so I have to do with these.

The first three figures are French, followed by two Austrians and the last one is a Sardinian infantryman.

To show how Mirliton and Eureka compare, I have put them side by side.
 On the left an Eureka French figure, on the right the Mirliton Austrian one.

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