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25mm (4)

Another manufacturer who produce a range of French revolutionary figures is Trent, available trough North Star ( ).
Advertised as one range, the various figures are French, Austrian (see above), Irish, Caribbean and Cisalpine legion. I don't understand this bringing out of various subranges without completing at least one of them (as all subranges only consist of a few numbers).
Having said that, the figures are big but good. I like the generals and the Caribbean and Cisalpine legion  (see under) troops are figures you don't see much.
A Russian 1799 range is announced by Trent and the first pictures are up on their website so let's see how many they will bring out of these before they wander off to another topic. 

Old Glory ( )

If you are thinking about Napoleons Egyptian campaign then there is a reasonable range of Old Glory. I know that the quality of Old Glory sometimes is good or a miss but the range, consisting of French and British, is wide.
As I haven't seen them in the flesh (or better metal), if you are interested you better order some (although I don't know if that is possible with Old Glory packing ideas.
Some remark regarding the British, these are not usable for the 1792-1795 or the 1799 Holland Campaign period as they mostly are wearing the early shako and/or closed jacket. The French are only usable in Egypt as they are wearing their curious casquet and closed coats.

Probably also some Napoleonic range figures (eg early French in bicorn) are usable for the French revolution.
Other pictures of Old glory ranges (although in black and white and sometimes not very clear) can be seen at .

Dixons miniatures
On the Egyptian campaign topic, Dixon also offers a range for this period; but now only French troops.
The French infantry are in the Kleber (short) coat plus in the longer (let's say European) coat. These last ones also usable eg in Italy.
The figures have multiple heads cast on and what I've seen, nice figures.
It's a shame that no pictures are on the website.

Dixon also offers a Ottoman Turk range of whcih some fgures could be drafted as adversaries to the French.

Brigade Games 
As to underline the popularity of the Egyptian campaign, Brigade games ( ) is bringing out a new serie of French and Ottoman troops for this campaing.
The French are advertised as having suitable figures up to 1806/07. I have seen pictures of this range but can't find them anymore.
The Ottoman troop look very nice on the website pictures (left)

Redoubt Enterprises
Redoubt Enterprises ( ) has another colourfull range namely "Wellington in India"
Unusual uniformed troops and very colourfull, these troops would grace any wargames table. Seeing some elephants in 25mm always is a joy for the eye.
The only drawback is, that the figures are very big; at least they looked that way when I saw them some time ago.

Maybe that newer figure ranges of other companies, who are also more in the region of 30mm, let them look something smaller.
Sadly, no pictures on the website, only some drawings of some of the offerings.

Elite Miniatures
The always very lively sculpted figures of Elite Miniatures ( ) have the last year received some additions of the French Revolutionary Wars consisting of French (infantry and some cavalry) and Austrian troops. The Austrian artillery on the right is very nice I think.

As additions are made regularly it could be become a good range.  And of course, from other Napoleonic ranges figures could be taken for using in the earlier period as the figures from the Early napoleonic infantry and artillery range in bicorn, side-plumed light infantry for the 1800 campaing. The Egyptian campaign are also represented by Elite.
Although Elite has also early Russians in bicorn, fusilier and greandier hats I think their coats are closed so not suitable for the 1799-1800 campaing in Austria/Switzerland and Holand.

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