vrijdag 30 april 2010

15mm (4)

The fourth, and last, batch of usable 15mm figure for the French Revolution is here presented.

Black Hat figures
If you are interested in the Egyptian campaign, in 18mm there is a range started by Black Hat figures (http://www.blackhat.co.uk/  ) of French troops and their adversaries, the Turkish troops.

No growth of the range in the last month, but worthwhile to investigate. As they are in 18mm, they are bigger than the 15mm figures Minifigs for this period. The pictures (of the Black Hat site) represent French and Ottomans.

Two dragon productions
For those who like the Indian region to use as a model battlefield, Two Dragon productions has some figures for them. I haven't seen them but their list looks good. They could be bought via Caliver books ( but see

http://www.caliverbooks.com/  ).
 Also some early Britsh, usable for the earlier Spanish campaign are  on their list.

While on the Indian subject, some figures could be used from the (History of India) Freikorps list http://www.quickreactionforce.co.uk/

Some other ranges
Of course, there are figures in other ranges which could be used.
In 18mm I know of AB figures who have late revolutionary/early imperial French which could be used as 1805-1806 French troops in bicorne (but don't forget to change the head of the flagpole with an eagle in of after 1804). In the same 18mm range is Warmodelling (or old "Fantassin") who also offer Frech in bicorne which could easably could be used in earlier periods. Both AB and Warmodelling have also artillery and French limbers in bicorne.

And then there are the ranges with figures who could be used after aonther painting of suitable figures.

As an example, the Hessian troops of the AWI could be used for the Hessian detachment who fought gallantly for French. (but don't forget to change the grenadier caps into British bearskins as the grenadiers changed into these in or around 1788.

15mm Saxon figures of the 1792-1809 period (eg Minifigs) could be used for the 1793-1795 period Dutch troops.

So I hope I have shown all the available 15mm troops on this moment.
If not, please let me know.

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