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15mm (3)

So lets continue with our search for suitable figures and complete the list of available 15mm ones.

Battle honors
The Battle Honors figures were a kind of pre-AB figures but are still in the 15mm catagorie (and not in the 18mm scene AB turned into).
Now owned by "19th century figures" (who also sell Old Glory 15mm figures)  they can be found  at The serie consist of Austrian and French figures which could be used in the earlier and later revolutionary years (1792-1801), British (infantry only usable for the 1800 period in Egypt as they are not in bicorn) and Russians for the 1799-1800 (Suvarov s') campaigns in Italy/Switzerland.  A good source of pictures of the range can be seen at  which shows the very nice portrayed battle of the Trebbia by the Italian Associazione Bolognese Wargame Fossalta.
As with all ranges, the common figures are represented but no specials, limbers etc but if you want to wargame the French revolution, it's a good start with good figures.

The small lancashire range ( consists of some 5 French (infantry, cavalry and artillery packs) , Prussian and Austrian figures plus some Vendee figure-pack. What I have seen of these ranges, these are generic figures of reasonable quality. Haven't seen the Austrian and Prussian ones so cannot comment on those. It would be the only range with a 15mm Prussian grenadier in it and I think the Vendeans would be suitable to add to the Touller 15mm Vendean range.

Alain Touller
Mentioning above some figures for the Vendee, in fact there is no better range to portray these redoubtable fighters of this period as with the Alain Touller figures of France.  In the first picture beneath are some personalities, the second some infantry.

Alain Touller also has some other usable figures in his Turkish range.

Falcon figures UK
When speaking of some exotic figures, you have to look at Falcon figures UK  figures for the Russian-Swedish war of the late 1780 years. The Russians in Potemkin uniforms and the Swedes in the unfiorms of this period. Of course, the Russian could be used to fight against the Turks. 
You can find Falcon UK here:
No better way to show them to you, then direct you to  who has painted figures of the Russain and Swedes but also some other figure ranges in a later serie of photos of a French/Austrian refight.

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