maandag 8 maart 2010

Order of Battles

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find Order of Battles of some wargames periods. The French Revolution is no exception.
Some years ago, I did find the website of George Nafziger and bought a lot of the OOB's of the revolutionary period.
As with every source, you have to check the information with other information you have but as George gave his source on most of the pages of the OOB's it could be done. Where I checked them I found them correct. But of course, they are as good as the source mr Nafziger used to collect them.
All in all, I like and will use them.

But now, George has given these OOB's to the "Command and General Staff college" who put them on their website and the OOB's can now be downloaded (and for free I have to state). The link is:

So a big thanks to mr Nafziger for this move.

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