donderdag 18 maart 2010


As said earlier, I am mainly interested in 15mm and upwards figures, so I will not do smaller scale figures.

But to complete the information:
As far as I know, there are no 2mm figures although, but I have never seen 2mm figures in the flesh, I doubt that you can see the difference between 7YW or Napoleonic figures and French revolutionary ones. But I stand to be corrected.

In 5/6mm I know that Adler - - has a French revolutionary range but the ennemies are scarce (only starting in 1802). Maybe some other figures could be draftes in.
These ones are from the Adler early imperial French in bicorn range. Other ranges of the Adler series could be drafted in; Austrians in helmet  for the 1799 campaign in Italy (although the helmet probably was only really introduced in 1802), German 7YW figures for the 1799 Russian etc etc.

Heroics and Ros 1:300 figures has no French revolutionary range , although some figures (french in bicorns, Spanish etc) could be used. The same is also true for Baccus figures.  .

In 10 mm only Pendraken has a small French revolutionary range (Austrian and French infantry) but here also figures from other ranges could be drafted in (eg the 7YW Prussians or the newer AWI German troops could dubbel up as Russians for the 1799-1801 period). Also, the American militia are perfect  for the vendee. They are great 10mm figures.

Next time I will look at the larger figures.

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