zondag 7 maart 2010

The French revolution

As said, I like the French revolution as a wargames period.
The be precise, I like the earlier years (1792-1795) of this period the most, but the later period (1796-1801) has also its attractions.

So this blog will be a long and maybe advanturous journey to accomplish the task of building up the armies of the revolution. And a difficult one it will be because on this moment I even don't know which figure scale I will chose, only that it will be 15mm or 25/28mm.

I admire people who game in smaller scales (6 and 10mm) and I have seen beautiful games in these scales but one way or the other they don't have the same attractions to me as the above mentioned scales. 20mm would suit me, but there are no metal figures for it and plastics......., well, are plastic.

Trying to find a good name for this blog, I came accross some French Revolutionary songs. Le Marseillaise every body knows (and is still the French national anthem). But a more agressive song of those earlies years is Ca ira. From an old French movie, this is Edith Piaf while storming the kings palace. A Youtube link:

But of course, the Marseillaise (or in fact more correctly "Le chant de guerre de l'Armee du Rhin" or marching song of the Rhine army)  has to be included when blogging about the French Revolution.

The above is from a 1938 french film via Youtube.

And then of course we have Marianne, which for me always symbolised the revolutionary period. But: the painting is from the 1830 revolution, not the 1789 one.

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